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Meet Our Dog Family!

We only have a few dogs living inside our home: The Poodles Nova and Schatzi, Ziggy our German Shorthair, and last but not least, Rumour our neutered St. Bernard. Mia and Bunker live with our parents on their ranch. By only having a few dogs in our home, we can avoid having a kennel setting and feel that we are able to give each dog the attention and love they need in a one on one basis. 

Scroll below to see our canine companions. Health testing results can be found below each dogs information.

Yes, we do genetic health testing and screen our parent dogs for genetic diseases and disorders, via OFA and other independent labs. Our dogs are also seen by our licensed Veterinarian twice a year and cleared for breeding.  

Canine genetic health testing is very important to us. and we do it to ensure that your puppy is set up for upmost health, genetically speaking. Without testing, we feel that we would be gambling with your dogs potential future health outcome and potentially hurt your family in the process if something life threatening were to come up down the road. We test all our dogs through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, or OFA, as well as Embark DNA, prior to breeding.

Picture Gallery

These are our dogs, past and present, and puppies before and after they went to their new homes 

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