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Purchasing Information

Our puppies are $2,500 with limited registration  on a spay/neuter agreement. A $500 deposit holds your place on the reservation list and goes towards the final sale price. The puppy is to be paid for in full at time of pickup. We will not send a puppy home without it being paid for. Puppies go home around nine weeks old and that date will be communicated with each family in advance. Families are expected to make arrangements to pick up their puppy on the scheduled "go-home" weekend or additional per-diem charges may occur for the training and boarding.  Please note: We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone. 

Our Shopping List page gives you a complete list of what we send home with our puppies and a list of advised items for you to buy. We do offer a discount to military (retired or active) and first responder families. Must be able to provide proof.

We do not believe in charging differently for color or sex when a puppy is going to be spayed/neutered and never bred. Color is a "plus" but should not allow a breeder to be able to market the puppy any differently then it's litter mates. They are of the same genetic makeup, so why charge any differently? We agree that gender can be charged differently for when sold on full rights but as far as a pet, we feel strongly that pricing should remain the same for either male or female.


Please fill out our PDF application (OR go to our application page to complete it online) if you are interested in a puppy from us. To view a copy of the purchase agreement with health guarantee, please see the button below. I am also happy to help with grooming and training lessons for anyone who purchases a puppy from us!

Placing a Deposit for a Puppy

  • $500 non refundable deposit will hold your spot for your “number in line”. 

  • How does a deposit work?

    • We will put you on our wait list after your application has been received and approved. We take the first four deposits on a litter once mating has occurred. Puppy pick order is determined in the order deposits are received. For example, if you are the third person from which we have received a deposit, you will be the third person to get to pick your puppy.

    • If we have agreed that one of our puppies would be a good fit for your family and you decide to send in your deposit, know a few things:

      • If you have placed a deposit on a wait list, but no puppies end up being born, for whatever reason, your deposit will be moved to the next planned litter's wait list or refunded within five business days from the date  we confirm there are no live puppies.

      • We cannot guarantee color or gender before a litter is born. We focus more on health and temperament of our litters rather then focusing on color. We believe color to be a "bonus". 

        • Color and gender preferences are treated the same way as the above point. If you prefer a certain gender or color and place a deposit before they are born, and that color or gender is not available at birth, and you choose to no longer get a puppy from the litter, you forfeit your deposit.  If you wait to place your deposit until birth, we understand, but please know you may lose being at the top of the list. 

        • Colors may change slightly as pups age and you should know that this could happen after taking your puppy home. Environment (being outside a lot/sun fading, etc.) and genetics play a role in this and color is never something we guarantee.

        • If you change your mind on what gender of puppy you want and we no longer have that gender available, we will move you to the other gender's list but you will be placed in the next open spot on that list, if available. ​

      • If you decide to not get a puppy, for any reason at all:

        • You forfeit your deposit, or;

        • You have the option to move your deposit to the next available spot for a future litter planned within one (1) year from your decision. 

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