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History of the Poodle

Where did they come from? Let me tell you!

Mostly written by us, but some is also taken from: 

Did you know that the poodle is one of the oldest and purest breeds from Germany (not France as many think)? Did you also know the word Poodle comes from the German word Pudelhund or Pudel which literally translates to "splash about", or more literally in English, meaning a puddle (of water) and the word Hund means "dog" in German. If you've ever owned a poodle, unless you had an exception to the breed, your dog is probably a water hound and you may even hate when it rains (they tend to play in any and all water in their paths)!  The poodle became standardized in France, where it was considered and worked as a water retriever and true hunting companion. It was the poodle’s popularity in France which solidified it as the national breed.
Another fun fact: the funny looking (and now exaggerated for show) poofs of hair and the "foofoo" haircut often representing the Poodle, actually served a purpose. While much shorter than that which is seen on dog shows on TV, the poofs were originally meant to keep the Poodle's joints and important organs warm during hunting in the ice water!

"No one knows the poodle’s true origins. However, one popular theory holds that the poodle’s early ancestor was an Asian herding dog that traveled west with tribes of Goths to eventually become a German hunting animal; another theory of the breeds origin as it finding its way from Asia to Portugal in the 8th century with the Moors... What we do know is that the earliest ancestors of the Poodle were said to be curly-coated dogs of central Asia. The poodle’s history has seen rough-coated water dogs claiming to be associated with the poodle’s ancestry. The first dog breed laying claim was a type of curly-coated dog known as the Barbet, which was seen throughout Hungary, France, and Russia. However, it was the German strain of the dog exerted maximum influence on the Poodle we know today" (taken from: 
Unlike many beliefs, the Poodle excels in the field as a gun dog, helping its human counterpart by retrieving water and land fowl as well as being known in many aspects of hunting, such as shed dogs, blood trail dogs, and more! 
We strive for our lines to be destined for amazing work, whether it be as a pet, therapy, service, or hunting partner. I do hope we can help you find your next companion! Even if we do not have a puppy for you, we know several other breeders in many states who may be able to help. We have puppies who have trained for, and exceled at the following jobs: blood trail, water and land fowl retrieval, dock jumping, blood trail, therapy and service. 

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