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Guardian Homes

We are always looking to establish relationships with

potential guardian homes!

What is a guardian home, you ask?
When we do not feel comfortable adding more dogs to our home, because we feel that we cannot give each adequate attention if we have too many, we rely on others to be "Guardians" for additions to our breeding program. We refuse to have a kennel setting, because we believe our dogs deserve more of us. So, we look for individuals or families who live within three hours of Corpus Christi. The dog becomes part of their family and is loved greatly, as any dog should. When it comes time to think about breeding the dog, we will perform all health testing (at our expense) and then we will evaluate the dog's temperament and conformation for breeding.

If you're still curious, keep reading below for more information. You're always welcome to ask us any questions!

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Let me be the first to tell you this can be a super exciting arrangement. I hear all the time from new puppy owners that they’d love to one day be able to show their kids the miracle of life and have a litter of puppies one day. What they aren’t realizing in that super loaded statement, is that it takes a lot of time and a lot of money to do it right. This is where the Guardian Home program can be an “easy way out”. 


Who would be a good Guardian Home (GH)?

In our minds, a good Guardian Home would be an individual or family wanting a well-rounded, sound and exceptional puppy. The person or family must have a passion for helping us grow and better our breeding program.

Why would you want to be a Guardian Home?

First, you will be getting our top pick puppy of its litter. You won’t pay for the puppy either!


What's the "catch"?

We will retain breeding rights and once retired, we will spay (or neuter, if it’s a male puppy) said dog, at our cost and then transfer registration papers over to the GH.  Typically, we will ask for up to four litters born from a female dog. All associated health testing (done before actually breeding) and breeding costs are paid for by us. However, all other routine vet, grooming, and training costs will be the responsibility of the GH. We will help our GH families with boarding, training, etc. as much as we can, when they need it.


​This program is designed to allow families to be a part of the breeding process, without the expense, mess, or stress. When we are ready to breed your dog, we will arrange the mating and transport him/her to and from said mating. You may tag along or stay home, your choice! Then, if female, we will bring her to our home two weeks ahead of her expected whelp date and take care of her until puppies go home. This is often times when families schedule vacations, as they won’t have a dog at home to care for, for potentially 10-12 weeks.


​This is not a FREE PUPPY PROGRAM!

We expect our GH Families to provide all normal and routine vet care, by a licensed Veterinarian as well as routine grooming and continued training. When in public, the GH puppy is expected to be well behaved, nicely groomed and healthy, as it will represent our program. 


Our Expectations

We place high emphasis on proper diet, grooming, care, exercise, training and love, as it directly impacts breeding success. We REQUIRE the following from our GH families.

Please review our requirements carefully. 


  1. The GH must groom or have dog groomed routinely and keep the dogs coat maintained at all times;

  2. All GH dogs must be trained and obedient, which can be done professionally or under supervision of a trainer;

  3. GH dogs must hold an AKC Canine Good Citizen title by one year old;

  4. The GH must purchase and hold a health insurance policy on the dog;

  5. GH Dogs may NEVER be bred by the Guardian Home itself, unless directly arranged for by us and if so done, you will have the dog removed from your possession indefinitely;

We want nothing more than to retain a fun working relationship with our GH homes. We also want all female GH dogs to visit us as often as possible and stay with us when the GH family goes out of town. This helps her to stay comfortable with us and in our home. Consider it as free boarding!  ​


When able, we enjoy obtaining titles and competing in various sports and disciplines and we have to be allowed the opportunity to take our GH dogs to such events. GH families are strongly encouraged, not required though, to participate in these as well, with us or on their own.

When it comes time for puppies to be born, we do not allow other people to attend, unless the female dog seems more comfortable with someone from her GH being present. We will, however, do everything we can to record, facetime, etc. so that the GH family is a part of the excitement and joy. The GH family is encouraged to visit once puppies are over a week old, when our schedule allows for it.

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