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About Us

We only have a few dogs living with us and you can meet them and read more on each by visiting Our Dogs page.


By only having a few dogs in our home and placing additional dogs in guardian homes, we can avoid having a kennel setting and feel that we are able to give each dog the attention and love they need in a one on one basis.  We do not breed often and may have one to two litters in a year. I used to show Standards and being in that environment, I loved the competition but quickly learned I loved performance events more than conformation. 


Our dogs are inside with us and not in a kennel. They are a part of our family, traveling with us and exploring the world together. We have four young children and our dogs are their biggest protectors and buddies. Not a day goes by that they aren't playing superheroes with capes on their backs or shoes on their feet. They don't just tolerate it; they love it! 

Our Breeding Philosophy

First of all, we breed for practicality! What does that mean?

It means that we are not necessarily out every weekend in a ring or in a field competing. Our dogs are used in practical settings. It is more important that our dogs work for us every day rather than compete in a mock environment. Now, we do appreciate dogs with titles and ours will be titled before breeding. But, know when you meet our dogs and purchase a puppy from us, our dogs are used daily as working family members primarily used for therapy dog work and as our hunting companions.

(You may not know that Poodles were originally water retrievers. If you want to learn a little about this amazing breed's heritage, click here to be redirected to our History page.)


We breed purposefully and primarily for service work but with that in mind comes amazing therapy and agility/performance prospects. We have had several puppies go on to now be exceptional partners with their human counterparts in service work, therapy work, hunting companions and performance competition. 

We are very selective in the parent parings we choose. Temperament and bloodlines play a large role in that selection as well as the health of each parent and the health of their entire bloodline. To view our health testing results, please visit Our Dogs page, or go to OFA's site and search our dogs registered name (Click Here)

We do a modified and combined version of Puppy Culture and Badass Breeder Protocols. All of our puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks and are started with ENS practices (Early Neurological Stimulation) as well as early scent introduction. Click here if you are unaware of what ENS is and want to learn more. Just a quick snapshot: There are five benefits observed in canines exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. The benefits noted include:  • Improved cardio performance • Stronger heartbeats.  • Stronger adrenal glands • More tolerance to stress • Greater resistance to disease. I’ve done it with all of my puppies and have seen a difference in them as they age. 

Our previous puppy buyers contact us often and have offered to be references when needed. We take an active role as a breeder and want to be kept up to date and want you to feel like you can rely on us for help training, boarding when needed, etc. I like to remain a part of our puppies lives when new parents allow. We have placed puppies in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Virginia, Georgia, Japan, Germany, and growing... We try to avoid shipping but will when other arrangements are not possible. Our puppies have been successful at service work and performance events and at warming couches and hearts alike! 

We hope we can answer any questions you have and that maybe, just maybe, you will select us as your breeder now and in the future! 

We are proud members of GOOD DOG!

The Good Dog Mission: To educate potential dog owners about responsible breeding practices and point them towards responsible breeders in order to help them avoid puppy mills and other disreputable sources. We are building a community of good breeders committed to pushing out the bad and making the dog world a better place. 

Good Dog has several great articles for reading when selecting a breeder for your next family member:

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Understanding and Reducing Abandonment


​​We are honored to be recognized by Good Dog as a Breeder of Choice.

To view our profile on Good Dog's website please click here:

Agape Standard Poodles & Good Dog

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