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What's in a name?

We were previously known as Pleasant Valley Standard Poodles, which held special meaning for our family as well. You see, when we got married, our first home was located on a plot of land known to locals as Pleasant Valley School. It was where our story began and fitting as our name. But, as life grows, so does the story behind it. We are excited because we feel we've finally adopted our "forever" name! Read on below...

Agape Love2.jpg


Agape Love, or pure, willful and sacrificial love, is the highest form of love alongside Eros (erotica) love and Philia (brotherly) love.  In John 3:16, we learn that Agape is the form of love God had when He sent His only Son for our redemption. It is synonymous with being unselfish. What better describes the unselfish love from a dog?

We have had three names now, with Pleasant Valley being our most recent. I’ve always been a believer that third times a charm. I think we finally have the name we will never steer away from: Agape Standard Poodles. While we focus more on service and therapy with our standard poodles, the new name really helps capture what we are hoping to obtain with our breeding philosophy. A partner, a true companion, a helper and friend; all of this personifies Agape Standard Poodles. 

Agape Love3.jpg
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