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Genetic Health Testing


Canine genetic health testing is very important to us. and we do this to ensure that your puppy is set up for upmost health, genetically speaking. Without testing, we feel that we would be gambling with your dogs potential future health outcome and potentially hurt your family in the process if something life threatening were to come up down the road. 

We are currently updating and sending in the forms necessary for OFA Submission on health testing and Hips via OFA & Pennhip. Our dogs results can be found here:

OFA Results

Stella's OFA Health Testing Results

Bunker's OFA Health Testing Results/CHIC#155736 - (Copy of CHIC Certificate)

Gypsy's OFA Health Testing Results

Mia's OFA Health Testing Results

Kingsley's PennHip Results

We also use Embark Dog DNA Testing for our genetic testing laboratory of choice. Embark DNA Testing says this about their standards:

  • Results generally in 1-3 weeks

  • Tests more breeds than any other test, over 350 breeds, types, and varieties, and even includes wolf, coyote, and village dog ancestry - together these breeds cover over 98% of dogs in America

  • Most accurate dog DNA test on the market

  • Our Breed + Health Test, tests for 175+ health conditions

  • Analyzes over 200K genetic markers

  • Breed + Health Kit is the highest-reviewed dog DNA test on leading consumer sites like

  • World’s only canine DNA relative finder

  • Developed by veterinarians

  • Includes a detailed vet report for pet parents to send to their veterinarian in order to provide the best care possible

Check out these great articles about Embark's success in service:

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Embark Results:​

Stella's Embark Health Testing Results

Bunker's Embark Health Testing Results​

Gypys's Embark Health Testing Results

Mia's Embark Health Testing Results

Kingsley's Embark Health Testing Results